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Skull Motorcycle Helmets: Choosing the Perfect Piece of Badassery

To me, riding a motorcycle is cheating death.

So is there a more badass way to ride than with the symbol of death: a skull helmet?

Unfortunately, our favorite helmet manufacturers don’t agree. They like to ship helmets in two colors: Matte and Gloss Black. How fun!

Thankfully, you still have options if you want to ride looking like the undead. Or, you just want a low profile skull cap to keep you legal while staying out of your way.

In this article, I’ll go through:

  • Full Face Helmets with Skull Graphics (cheap, but limited options)
  • How to Make a Skull Motorcycle Helmet (for that PERFECT look)
  • The Best DOT Approved Low Profile Skull Cap Helmets
  • Badass Looks for Motorcycle Helmets (that are safe)

Full Face Helmets with Skull Art Graphics

There are 1,204 graphic motorcycle helmets on Revzilla as I sit down to write this for you. I went through every single one to save you two hours looking to find the ones with skull art. If you don’t want to sacrifice an inch of your safety in order to look badass, these are your options.

Click on any to buy it from Revzilla, the top motorcycle gear store in North America.

If also put a lid from Etsy down below that looks about as close to an actual human skull as you’ll find in a helmet. Makes me wonder how many real skulls the creator has touched.

LS2 Rapid Crypt Helmet: Mysterious and alluring like a forbidden crypt, this helmet is the perfect accessory for a night ride.
GMAX HH65 Tormentor Naked Helmet: So light and minimal, you’ll feel like you’re riding naked…but with a little bit of protection.
HJC i20 Scraw Helmet: A symbol of rebellion and speed, the Scraw will have heads turning as you cruise down the road. Plus, it’s modular.
Scorpion Exo C90 Kalavera Helmet: Make a statement with this eye-catching Day-of-the-Dead style helmet, a true masterpiece of motorcycle headgear.
Scorpion EXO R320 Skull E Helmet: Strike fear in the hearts of your enemies with the skulls of the many you’ve left in the dust adorning this lid.
Icon Airform Sacrosanct Helmet: This helmet is holy, in the sense that your noggin will be divinely protected.
Shoei RF 1400 Faust Helmet: A classic tale of a deal with the devil takes a stylish turn with this helmet’s sleek design.
Scorpion EXO Covert El Malo Helmet: Like the notorious outlaw it’s named after, this helmet is a force to be reckoned with.
LS2 Rebellion Bones Helmet: It’s not just a helmet, it’s a call to arms, a testament to your rebel spirit, and a celebration of speed.
Scorpion Covert X Marauder Helmet: This helmet is a master of disguise, concealing superior protection in a sleek, low-profile design that’s modular.

Now for that Etsy lid. Check this out.

This helmet looks like a skull, not just from the paint but the contours as well. Each lid is custom made to order by the maker. The price is affordable (almost TOO good) given a custom painted skull helmet will cost you at least twice as much, if not more.

Now I cannot vouch for the safety of this helmet. The maker, XBowHelmets, doesn’t mention how the underlying helmet is made. So I’d be careful with it.

Have a helmet you already like that you simply want to repaint and redesign in to a skull motorcycle helmet? Next section is for you.

Making Your Own Skull Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re feeling creative and want to take your skull helmet to the next level, you can even have it painted to look like a skull. There are several companies that specialize in helmet painting services, and they can help you create the perfect skull design to suit your style.

When choosing a helmet painting service, you’ll want to look for one that already has skull designs on offer. Commissioning a custom design blows up the price and timeline. Thankfully, many custom painters already have great skull designs to choose from.

The Best Professional Helmet Painters for Skull Helmets

Two of my favorite companies for helmet painting are Airgraffix and Blaze Artworks. Both have a wide range of skull designs available (Airgraffix Skulls, Blaze Skulls), and their pricing is in line with the industry. Expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $500 for a custom skull design on your helmet.

Before you fall out of your chair at that figure, look at the work these two artists do:

This art is done over top-notch helmets of your choosing. Airgraffix lets you choose a base helmet like the HJC i90 modular or Shoei GT Air II, and includes that lid in the price when you order.

Blaze Artworks uses their own Matrix fiberglass helmets as a base. They also offer 10% off if you send them a video with your custom helmet. That’s a fat $50 bill back in your pocket.

For a show-stopping helmet, Airgraffix and Blaze are your go-to.

Making a Skull Motorcycle Helmet by Yourself

Some of you might be like me: cheap. I already spent $500 on a new exhaust, so where’s the cash for a custom helmet paint job??

If you’re feeling especially creative and want to try your hand at making your own skull motorcycle helmet, know that it is possible. With a few basic materials and a bit of know-how, you can easily paint a helmet to look like a skull.

To get started, you’ll need the following materials: your desired color of spray paint, clear coat spray paint, sandpaper, and stencils. With these materials in hand, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your own skull motorcycle helmet:

  1. Prepare your helmet by cleaning it, removing the visor, and lightly sanding the entire surface you’ll paint.
  2. Use masking tape and newspaper to close off the visor area, vents, and bottom of your helmet. Only the surfaces you want to paint should be exposed.
  3. Make or buy a skull face stencil with teeth and exposed bones – especially around the jaw area and forehead.
  4. Lay your stencil down over your helmet and start spraying layers of paint. Your spray paint should be the opposite color of your helmet. Try using white spraypaint over a black helmet.
  5. Finish the helmet with clear coat spraypaint to lock in the color and give it a glossy sheen.

Pop the visor in and you’re ready to hit the road. You may find that a black tinted visor looks even better when your design is complete. It likely won’t look as good as a professionally done skull helmet, but you’ll spend $20 instead of $500. Not a bad trade.

Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmets: Low Profile, DOT Approved

Maybe you’re not here for skulls as much as you are a skull cap.

Ditch the mushroom head look. Let your hair in to the wind and open up your field of view with a low profile skull cap motorcycle helmet.

However, you need a DOT approved helmet. Thankfully, there are many slim DOT approved helmets.

MicroDOT makes some of the smallest and lightest DOT approved helmets on the market. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a baseball cap at most, but the cops can get lost if they try to fine you for wearing one of these.

Another option is the GMax HH65, which also features skull graphics on the side. This one comes with an integrated sun visor and dual-density EPS foam for better impact absorption in a crash.

I’m not done yet… here are a few more badass motorcycle helmets and looks for you.

Badass Motorcycle Helmets and Skull Looks

When it comes to badass motorcycle helmets, two of the top options are the Bell Rogue and the Scorpion EXO Covert X. These helmets are known for their unique and bold designs, as well as their high-quality construction and advanced safety features.

Bell Rogue

The Bell Rogue is a full face helmet with a distinctive lipped top lid and modular design. The face mask protects you from bugs and road debris while adding a Bane look.

Pop that face mask off for a half helmet style. The ‘muzzle’ connects via magnets, making it easy to put on and take off.

Scorpion EXO Covert X

The Scorpion EXO Covert X is a low profile skull cap helmet that transforms into an open face or full face. Perfect for hot summer days or cold winter nights, the Covert X works for any kind of ride.

Scorpion steps up their game with a multi-layered Ultra-TCT fiberglass shell, much better than the polycarbonate you typically get on a half helmet. The internal sun visor is anti-fog coated and retractable.

Best part? You can switch out the masks on this lid. Scorpion sells multiple designs, including a skull mask.

Customize any Helmet with a Skull Mask

Painting a skull helmet is either super expensive or super difficult.

Why not just screw all that and wear a skull mask instead? You can buy any on Amazon, either in fabric mask form or even ones with integrated goggles like this. If you get a plastic mask, just make sure it’s padded on the inside so it doesn’t slap your face at speed.

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