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Top 4 Picks for the Best Bluetooth Dirt Bike Helmet

Do you really need a Bluetooth dirt bike helmet? If you want to use your phone on the go or chat with your riding buddies, it’s probably a good call. 

The best dirt bike helmet with Bluetooth is all about where you’re going to use it and why you want Bluetooth in the first place.

First, though, you need to think about the type of helmet you want and why. Are you riding enduro deep in the woods? Bluetooth dirt bike helmets that are light with a decent range fit your needs. Going for a weekend of dirt roads and camping in the wild? Comfort, a visor, and battery life are top of your list of needs.

Helmet features are important, but never compromise on quality. Helmets are there to keep your brains in your skull, should the worst happen. 

In terms of safety when dirt biking, DOT isn’t really worth the self-certified paper it’s written on. You want helmets that are certified by Snell – who test for impact attenuation – or ECE – who test for energy absorption. 

Rider on scrambler turning in the dirt.
Nice elephant turn… Photo by Bradley Dunn on Unsplash

What helmets are we going to look at? We’re going to give you: 

  • The best overall Bluetooth dirt bike helmet
  • Our pick of Bluetooth dual-sport helmets
  • The top-end best dirt bike helmet with Bluetooth
  • The best of the Bluetooth motocross helmets

Plus some recommendations for how to give your dirt bike helmet speakers. 

Let’s drop right into a few awesome dirt bike helmets. 

Klim Krios Karbon Adventure Helmet Plus Sena 10U – Best Overall Helmet

This helmet is super versatile and has really good build quality. We’d definitely put it as the best dirt bike helmet with Bluetooth. In our book, Klim ranks as the best dirt bike helmet brand – and they excel at other off-road gear as well, such as adventure jackets.

The Shell

The Klim Krios helmet is light. Like, really light. It weighs 1350g – including the peak and face shield – and it’s probably the first thing you’ll notice when you pick it up. It’s made from highly engineered carbon resin giving it a smooth shape and helping Klim keep the weight down. This is definitely one of the best dirt bike helmets on the market today.

The peak is fully removable, meaning you can use this helmet if you need to go on a road cruise after adventuring on trails. 

The Klim Krios 10U Bluetooth Dirt Bike Helmet in Gray
The light and capable Klim Krios is a top contender for best Bluetooth dirt bike helmet. Image Source: Klim

The Lining and Padding

Under the shell you get EPS foam, as you’d expect from an ECE-certified helmet. The lining is pretty thin, especially on the top. You get a couple of layers of fabric between the foam and the top of your head, which expert reviewers say can get uncomfortable (8). 

The Visor and View

You get a wide field of vision with the Klim Krios – good for spotting hanging branches and gravel patches – with one reviewer noting “I have over 15 helmets, the amount of peripheral vision is unmatched” (1). 

With such an open view, there’s plenty of space to fit in goggles for dirt biking. Want to use the shield? It does the job but it’s kinda flimsy; quality sacrificed for weight saving. 

That being said, you do get a pinlock insert to stop it from fogging. 

The Bluetooth

Bluetooth doesn’t come as standard, but Klim have made this a Bluetooth-ready dirt bike helmet. By that, we mean the ear recesses are big enough to fit speakers and the wires easily tuck away. 

Klim Krios 10U Bluetooth setup
Sena’s unit built for Klim tucks inside the helmet to prevent snags while you’re out on the trail. Handlebar controls are a nice addition as well. Image Source: Klim

Adding Bluetooth is simple; pick up a Sena 10U specifically for the Krios helmet. With it, you get:

  • Intercom with a one-mile range that works across brands
  • Up to 10 hours talk time on the battery
  • Compatibility with GPS, calls, music, and FM radio
  • An Android and iOS app to get more control

Plus, there’s a super-helpful handlebar remote so you can keep your hands on your controls when you’re running on the dirt. 

Sena 10U Bluetooth Kit for Klim Krios

Our Assessment

Overall, the Klim Krios is a well-built lid that can adapt – Klim says you can use it as: 

  • A street helmet
  • An adventure helmet
  • An off-road helmet
  • A dual-sport helmet

Making it a solid investment. 

There are many ways to style the Klim Krios
The Klim Krios is a versatile lid for all manner of adventure riders.

The Bluetooth kit does get some complaints, mainly about the speakers being quiet. One reviewer said “1/2 volume offers little bass response and high levels of distortion with screechy highs” (2). However, the Sena 10U generally gets good reviews – a couple of negative comments are to be expected with any electronics. 

Overall, we put this as the best Bluetooth dirt bike helmet on the market. 

Scorpion EXO-AT950 Modular – Best Mid-Range Dirt Bike Helmet with Bluetooth

If you plan to hit the road about as much as the trails, and want to pick up a dirt bike helmet cheap, the Scorpion EXO-AT950 is a great choice. 

The Shell

Our pick for the best budget dirt bike helmet is not quite as fancy as the Krios, but you do get:

  • A polycarbonate shell – which is a fancy way to say plastic – that’s flexible enough to absorb most impacts. 
  • A helmet weighing 1780g; pretty heavy as dirt bike helmets go but it’s modular so the mechanism adds bulk. 
  • A removable peak for off-road or street riding – with the cutouts on the peak negating a fair amount of lift and buffeting.
The Scorpion helmet with chin bar up
A modular off-road helmet from a pedigreed maker? Rare sight. Image Source: Scorpion

The Lining and Padding

The dual density EPS foam lining is as safe as you get on most helmets. Talking of safety, it’s only DOT-certified, but no production modular helmet is Snell rated (3). If you want the flip-up chin bar, you can’t have Snell. On the inside is an antimicrobial lining, making it smell not quite so bad after a sweaty ride. You can fully remove it to wash it, too. 

Inside are good-sized recesses ready for your Bluetooth kit of choice. Unlike some dirt bike helmets, Sena doesn’t make a Scorpion kit, but a standard Bluetooth set should fit in just fine. 

The Scorpion in sand color
The Scorpion in a sandy color fit for adventuring. Image Source: Scorpion

The Visor and View

The Scorpion visor and the integrated sun shield both have an anti-fog coating, and the visor is easily taken off. It’ll take goggles, no problems.  

That sun shield – there’s been some thought put into it. The mechanism is a cable slide, not spring-loaded. Springs get loaded with dirt and rust quickly in dusty and wet adventure conditions; it feels like Scorpion knows their stuff. 

Our Assessment

To get a dirt bike helmet with speakers set up quickly, this is a good choice. For most off-road and dual sport riding, Scorpion gives you an affordable dirt bike helmet that will get the job done without emptying your wallet – but you do need to invest in a separate Bluetooth rig. 

A couple highlights:

  • Good airflow, including a three-position chin vent
  • Anti-fogging face shield and sun visor
  • Different visor and peak options

This is the best mid-range street and adventure helmet available. 

Looking for a great Bluetooth unit to pair up with this helmet? Check out our recommendation below

Arai XD-4 Helmet – Best High End Dirt Bike Helmet with Bluetooth Recesses

Arai have been making helmets for as long as most can remember. Their lids are handcrafted and come with a price tag to match, but you do get what you pay for. This is a very high quality dirt bike helmet that can flex for street riding as well.

Arai XD in various configurations
The Arai XD-4, like the Klim Krios, is configurable. Image Source: Arai

The Shell

Made from a type of fiberglass called Super Fiber (4), you know you’re getting a strong helmet here. Arai fit the shell sizes closely to helmet sizes, with one shell size for every two sizes from XS to XL. There are plenty of vents, placed on the…

  • Chin
  • Visor
  • Forehead
  • Top

… and a large exhaust out back for air flow when you’re bombing down the trails. A pinlock screen is also thrown in for good measure. 

The Lining and Padding

As you’d expect, the lining is fully removable and separates your head from multi-density EPS foam. 

The cheek pads have a quick-remove feature, handy if you need to get your helmet off quickly after an accident.  

Arai XD-4 in Honda Africa Twin design.
The XD-4 in Honda’s Africa Twin colorway. Image Source: Arai

The Visor and View

You shouldn’t have any issues getting your goggles to fit with the Arai XD-4. 

The peak is pretty flexible and unlikely to snap. It’s position is also adjustable, and the trim underneath comes in a nifty black matte color to reduce visor glare. A nice little touch, for sure. 

The visor – and the peak for that matter – are fully removable, meaning you can adapt it for street or motocross, although it’s designed for adventure.

Our Assessment

It doesn’t come as standard, but this dirt bike helmet is ready for a Bluetooth kit to be installed, with extra space around the ears for speakers. 

Looking at everything you get:

  • Hand-built quality with high-spec materials and close-fit shell sizes
  • Versatility for motocross, dirt biking, or street use
  • Bluetooth-ready recesses

We’d say this is a very good, high-end dirt bike Bluetooth helmet. 

Sena makes a 10U set especially for Arai helmets. It’s the same standards and specs as the one we looked at for the Klim. Here’s the link for that 10U system.

The Sena 10U headset for Arai
The very minimal design means no wires or bulky units to snag while you’re on the trail. Image Source: Sena

Why isn’t it the top choice? It is a little more expensive than the Klim, with high markups for graphic designs. At 1660g, it’s also heavier, a potential deal breaker for long cruises. 

Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet – Best Bluetooth Motocross Helmet

Bluetooth motocross helmets aren’t common, even if connecting with your team when racing sounds useful. The best solution? Buy the Bell MX-9 MIPS Showtime and add your own Bluetooth. 

The Bell MX-9 Motocross helmet in Black
Bell’s trimmed-down offroad helmet is a great choice for motocross riders. Image Source: Bell

The Shell

The outer layer of the Bell MX-9 is: 

  • Made of standard polycarbonate ABS
  • 1533g – you’re unlikely to see anything lighter for the price
  • Available in three shells sizes and head sizes XS to 3XL
  • Equipped with vents on the side of the chin bar, at the front, and on the forehead

With two sets of rear exhausts. 

One reviewer does caution, “Not for cold weather [riding] since the vents are permanently open”, which is worth noting. 

The Lining and Padding

Again, you can fully remove the lining – which is antimicrobial – to wash and clean it. 

Between the EPS foam and the lining is a gem of a safety feature. Mips (5), or multi-directional impact protection system, is an insert that protects your brain from rotational impact. You would normally see Mips on high-end helmets so seeing it here is a welcome surprise. 

Mips can cause issues, though. In one review, the buyer reported, “never once did the liner sit level. I could look in the mirror and have the helmet level and see the liner across my forehead tilting to the left or the right” (6). A dealbreaker? Probably not. 

The Visor and View

Being a motocross helmet, you don’t get a visor. There is the obligatory peak that you can adjust easily enough. Views are broad and goggles will easily fit the Bell MX-9.

Our Assessment

This Bell lid gives some nice features at a budget dirt bike helmet price. As an adventure or dual sport helmet, we’ve looked at better ones above. For a motocross helmet with speaker space, it’s our favorite MX helmet.  

Best Bluetooth Unit for Dirt Bike Helmet

A Bluetooth kit for your dirt bike or motocross helmet needs to be:

  • Low profile – you don’t want it catching on anything
  • Long lasting – stopping to charge up in the woods isn’t an option
  • Long-range – through trees and down trails you need to have your comms
  • Convenient – handlebar controls are better than helmet controls

Our pick that hits all these bases is the Sena SMH10R. It’s super slim and light, you get eight hours talk time, and nearly 1000 yards of range. Unlike the 10Us that are configured for specific helmets, you don’t get the handlebar remote included, but you can buy one separately and pair it. 

The Sena 10R
Light and thin – just what you want out on the trails. Image Source: Sena

Go up a level and get the Sena 20S EVO, and you increase your intercom range to 1.2 miles or 2km and reviewers say that the battery will last you all day long (7). Either way, you’ll have one of the best dirt bike helmet communication systems for your off-road adventures.


Do dirt bike helmets have Bluetooth?

Some dirt bike helmets do have Bluetooth integrated, such as the Sedici Viaggio Parlare Sena Bluetooth ADV Helmet. It’s a reasonable helmet but didn’t make it onto our list because it’s only DOT certified and the Bluetooth range is only 480 yards. If you really want an integrated Bluetooth dirt bike helmet, it’ll do the job. 

The Sedici Viaggio Parlare
A stylish and functional adventure helmet with built in Bluetooth. Image Source: Revzilla

Can I use a dirt bike helmet on the street?

As long as the helmet is DOT certified, yes you can use your dirt bike helmet on the street. If you’re driving at speeds over about 40mph, you’ll probably want to remove the peak to prevent lift and put the visor back on to reduce wind noise, too. 

Can I put speakers in a dirt bike helmet?

Yes, a dirt bike helmet with speakers is pretty easy to make. Pick up a Bluetooth headset like the Sena SMH10R and add it onto your helmet. You’ll be able to intercom with riding buddies, take calls, get GPS directions, and listen to music from your phone.

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