MotoGearNuts is a group of friends and riders that aims to help you find the best motorcycle gear on the market. We source our gear reviews from opinions across the web and our network of riders who are always putting new gear through its paces. The website was born out of a gnarly few crashes that left Evan searching for the best safety gear on the market. From there he realized the world of motorcycle gear is not only varied, but quickly evolving and not well understood among riders. It is now possible to have stylish, comfortable, and highly protective gear all at a fair price.

Beyond gear reviews, we also publish experiences with motorcycle travel and tourism around the world, mostly focused on Northern Thailand and North America. Evan recently completed a 11,000 mile journey across the USA on a Harley Davidson (pictured above) where he tried a ton of gear and was fortunate to ride with many new friends.

We hope you enjoy reading and find our content helpful!

Meet the Team

Evan Rally (Owner)

Headshot of owner of MotoGearNuts on his Honda CRF250 motorcycle.

As an American who has made Northern Thailand his home, Evan brings a unique perspective to motorcycle gear and tourism. He created the MotoGearNuts site in 2021 in order to share his knowledge about gear and motorcycle travel with the world.

Living in the serene landscapes of Northern Thailand, Evan ensures he takes a long ride at least once a week, exploring new terrains and constantly expanding his knowledge and experience in order to share with you.

Leveraging his personal network of riders and research skills, he provides authentic and comprehensive gear reviews for you, the dear readers of this site. His approach is hands-on, riding and researching every day to deliver the most current and practical advice to readers of MotoGearNuts.

Beyond motorcycles, Evan is deeply interested in cultivating a sovereign mindset. He is an advocate for freedom technologies, exploring and experimenting with new ideas that enhance personal liberty and lifestyle independence. This passion reflects in his approach to both life and motorcycling, where he values freedom and adventure above all.

Okay, against all the lawyer’s recommendations, Evan is taking the mic now…

Hey everyone, thank you for coming to my site! I hope you find what me and my team have written here helpful as you’re searching for a new lid, jacket, or something else to keep your skin on your bones.

This site was born out of a cracked collar bone that served as a wake up call to the importance of good gear. It was also a stab at entrepreneurship at the right time; when I finally felt ready to break the shackles of 9-5 work and build something myself.

I was once described as “confident, irreverent, and unapologetic” – but I felt I lost that in 9-5 life. I got it back when I discovered the joys of two wheels with a little rocketship stuck between. And even more so when I started this website. The funny thing is since creating this website, I’ve met many more people from the worlds of motorcycles and entrepreneurship that feel the same about both. I thought I was alone; turns out, many of us have these exact experiences. Maybe you do too.

I reply to every email sent to me, so please reach out if you think we could work together somehow. I’m not interested in hosting junk blog posts or buying links – I want to collaborate with real entrepreneurs and riders to build a brand that helps more people enjoy the elation and tribulations of riding two wheeled freedom machines.

My email is

Joanne Rushton (Staff Writer)

Joanne Rushton brings a blend of wanderlust flair and extensive motorcycling experience to the MotoGearNuts community. Her journey with MotoGearNuts began when Evan, recognizing her writing talent and deep motorcycling knowledge, persuaded her to join the team. Joanne’s experience in corporate communications means she cranks out content like nobody’s business, and her extensive travels – mostly in Asia – give her a unique perspective on the extremes of motorcycling.

From navigating the bustling streets of Bangkok to crossing rivers in the remote corners of Laos, her experiences span a wide range of environments and challenges. Joanne’s versatility shines through her ability to handle a diverse array of bikes, from nimble 90cc 2-strokes to powerful liter bikes, showcasing her adaptability and expertise.

When she’s not writing about her gear experiences or traversing mountain passes, Joanne can be found in cafes and bars, mingling with fellow riders. These interactions are more than social; they are a source of learning and understanding the nuances of motorcycling gear and the art of riding.

Follow Joanne’s journey on MotoGearNuts as she continues to explore the extremes of motorcycling and shares her stories and expertise with fellow enthusiasts.

You can contact Joanne at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Our Other Brands

We also lead shared travel experiences for sovereign individuals around the world under the brand Ride of Passage.

Our next trip is in Thailand, where we will ride through the hidden corners of the Northern Thai jungle to visit sovereign hill tribes, practice the ancient art of Muay Thai, and explore the rich history of the Golden Triangle.