Moto Gear Nuts is a group of riders and writers who are nuts about finding the best motorcycle gear on the market. Our team and their extended network of friends and riders are always trying out new gear on every kind of ride imaginable from highway commutes to multi-day wilderness treks. Our main goal is to help you, our reader, make the best choices on gear for your unique riding style and preferences. 

Through our extensive hands-on experience and research through friends, reviews and product catalogs, we aim to write the most clear content you can find on all aspects of motorcycle gear. With that in mind, we strive to represent the most accurate information you can find about motorcycle gear on this site. We hope you enjoy reading and find our content helpful!

Meet the Team

Derrick Saunders (Founder)

Derrick first hatched a plan to build MotoGearNuts in 2020 as a way to share his passion for motorcycling at a time when the world was closed for business and the roads free and open. Derrick first put his hands on a throttle when he was just 7 years old, and never quit despite broken bones and a concussion or two. Those few painful experiences, however, led him to develop an interest in safety and motorcycle gear. 

When Derrick started riding, gear was basic and hardly helpful in a crash – simple plastic helmets and leathers. Today, gear choices abound and it can be difficult to select the right gear for your riding style, preferences, and budget. Gear manufacturers often provide little details about the specs of each piece they produce, so riders need to rely on personal experience. Derrick created this site to gather together his own experiences and those of his extensive network of riders in order to provide more details to you, the curious rider. 

Derrick has been fortunate to travel around the world riding on two wheels, from adventure bikes in Central Asia to Harley Davidson baggers in the USA and even – he’s not ashamed to admit it – Vespas in Italy. Now he’s dedicated to his family and providing you with the knowledge he’s accumulated and has access to, so you can find the right gear for your rides. 

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Jessica Reed (Staff Writer)

Jessica joined the MotoGearNuts team in 2021 after months of prodding from Derrick, who saw her writing prowess and knew she would bring a lot of motorcycling knowledge to the table. Jessica’s experience in journalism means she cranks out content like nobody’s business, and her extensive travels – mostly in Asia – give her a unique perspective on the extremes of motorcycling. Jessica has done it all, from weaving through Bangkok traffic to crossing rivers in remote Laos, on everything from 125cc 2-strokes to liter bikes. 

When Jessica isn’t writing about her experiences with gear or riding through mountain passes, she enjoys hanging out in cafes and bars with her riding friends – where she learns a lot about gear and the art of motorcycling.

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Derrick Saunders